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The Drouhin Family: Burgundy Past, Present & Future

A pivotal moment in my life happened in the Burgundy region of France. At a lovely dinner in Beaune, I was chatting with Philippe Drouhin, Estates Manager of Maison Joseph Drouhin, when he asked me where I saw myself in 10 years.

I quickly answered: “I’ll be part of a great winemaking team.”

I then froze, shocked at myself. This was the first time I’d ever declared this particular dream out loud…and I’d just announced it to a member of Burgundy wine royalty.

Philippe’s initial reaction was surprise, but then he smiled, lifted his glass to me, and replied, “You’ve chosen a wonderful profession.”

Lifting my glass in turn, I toasted him  — and his family’s kick-ass wines — for inspiring me to look to the future.

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“So, how did you get into wine?”

This is the question I get whenever I mention I’m starting a career in wine. It’s a question I love to answer, as opposed to: “You dtf?” or, “Are those real?” (Thanks, OK Cupid!)

So, here’s the story:

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