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For the Love of Pinot Noir

Though I adore Titus Andromedon’s signature anthem, “Peeno Noir: An Ode to Black Penis” (which triumphantly manages to rhyme caviar, Myanmar, mid-size car and pop-u-lar), my heart belongs to actual pinot noir.

Maybe I identify with grapes that are famously thin-skinned, notoriously finicky to grow, and at their most expressive when given a spotlight. Perhaps I simply find comfort in wines that can require decades’ worth of lying down in order to reach their full potential.

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Fruit Flavors and Aromas in Red Wines

In addition to drinking wine and preparing for a career in winemaking, I like to create miniature polymer clay sculptures, such as this gleefully small piece that depicts the fruit flavors and aromas most commonly detected in red wines.

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“So, how did you get into wine?”

This is the question I get whenever I mention I’m starting a career in wine. It’s a question I love to answer, as opposed to: “You dtf?” or, “Are those real?” (Thanks, OK Cupid!)

So, here’s the story:

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